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SAE Australia pathway

(Adelaide/ Brisbane/ Byron Bay/ Melbourne/ Perth/ Sydney)
The leading  global specialist  in creative media education comes 
from over 40 years  of pioneering  creative minds.

The MAYA> SAE Australia Pathway Program allows students who have completed their first full time year studying animation to continue into a Bachelor's degree of animation at one of the 6 campuses in SAE Australia(Adelaide/ Brisbane/ Byron Bay/ Melbourne/ Perth/ Sydney).

Australia is one of the world's most popular study destinations due to its relaxed and friendly culture, vast and varied landscapes and a society that is truly multicultural. SAE has 6 locations across the all major cities with its headquarters located in Byron Bay.

As the leading global specialists in the creative media education, we work closely with our industry partners, employ specialist teachers with real-world experience, and we deliver personalised education in worl-class facilities. This helps you gain the practical experience and technical knowledge needed to launch yourself in the real world.

Course: Bachelor of Animation

3 Trimesters : February, May and September

(Adelaide/ Brisbane/ Byron Bay/ Melbourne/ Perth/ Sydney)

WHY SAE Australia ?

  1. A renowned Australian University College and global player in creative media
  2.  The leading global specialist in creative media education
  3.  Learn from the best
  4. Hand-on-experience
  5. Guaranteed Placement. WIL in final semester
  6.  No exams. Project Based Learning
  7.  Industry Level facilities
  8.  More than 50% students has got full-time job from an internship
  9.  6 campus locations- Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Bayron Bay, Brisbane and Adelaide.

‚ÄčEntry Requirements 

  1. Be 18 years of age
  2. Be a high school graduate (12 Grade)
  3. Valid passport
  4. Valid Australian Student Visa
  5. IELTS, TOEFL or  Equivalent test score of 6.O if English is a  second language

Maya Bhawan , Kantipath road
Jamal , Kathmandu
G.P.O. 44600